I'm René and I like food.

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"No matter how muchsomeone loves you theywill always step backwhen your blood getstoo close”

"No matter how much
someone loves you they
will always step back
when your blood gets
too close”

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have u started missing me yet


Kids - Larry Clark (1995)


Kids - Larry Clark (1995)

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please be gentle
when you walk up the stairs
i sleep in my pyjamas
and drunken despair

please be quiet
when you leave before i wake
leave me stranded in this bed
or throw me out to the lake

you are so good at making sure my wounds are raw
before you pat them with salt and unhook my bra
i used to pick flowers instead of just fights
i used to lay in bed motionless at night

but now i am the captain of this ship
i whispered some words into your lips
i told you how scared i had become
a hopeless lover, lost and dumb

but if you cared you didn’t say
if i had asked you wouldn’t have stayed
so sing with me now or let me go
and if you’ll have me, will you let me know?

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